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Vehicle Fatigue Bench Simulation Test

4.2 Vehicle fatigue bench simulation test

TS Engineering can help customers design and implement various vehicle level bench simulation tests, including bench tests of wheel and shaft coupling, and design acceleration test schemes by customer requirements and verification results.

w                      Plan and preparation of vehicle road testprototype and test plan, data acquisition plan, etc.

w                      Implementation and data acquisition of vehicle road test installation, debugging and calibration of sensor and acquisition and Implementation of road spectrum

w                      Check, processing and analysis of test datadata quality check, data processing, data editing and compression, etc

w                      Establishment and implementation of vehicle bench testbench system preparation, the iteration and generation of driving signal, and continuous test tracking under the set control

w                      Analysis of root cause of fault and scheme of structural rectificationIn case of structural failure, the root cause analysis is conducted by CAE and other methods, and the structural rectification scheme is proposed

w                      structure verification and rectification after improvement


Road data acquisition

Data editing reduction

Bench drive load generation

Correlation analysis test

Fatigue durability test

Failure statistics

Fatigue durability evaluation report



Wheel coupling - vertical load input

Shaft coupling - multiple shaft load input



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Vehicle Fatigue Bench Simulation Test