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Cabin Thermal Management

Layout design process


Engine cooling system analysis



Face velocity distribution

    Analysis results are in good agreement with experimental data, with the maximum error less than 2.5%.

Comparison of simulation results with experimental data




Temperature distribution of refrigerant

The calculation result is in good agreement with test data  The maximum error is less than 10.0%.

Comparison of simulation results with experimental data


Heat damage analysis of engine compartment

A prediction of the heat damage in the early design stage is made with CAE technology, improved schemes are proposed, and a quick review of the modified models is made to reduce the heat damage.


Heat damage protection in engine compartment

Layout optimization

1)Parameter analysis

    Cost and time for layout design is reduced through performance assessment, improvement and optimization using CAE technique, which is used for modification of location, size and shape of compartment parts.


The influence of the internal parts optimization on the cooling temperature

2)Main optimization parameters

The 8 optimization parameters have an effect on the temperature of the radiator coolant. The parameters B and D are the main performance parameters and the parameters E, F, G have little effect on the cooling performance.

Engine cooling layout optimization parameters


3)Feasibility test

  As the optimization parameters have different effects on the performance of the main and auxiliary radiators, options need to be weighed. (Parameters A, B, D)

img9  img10

            Main radiator Auxiliary radiator

4Optimization results

According to the different effects of the 8 optimization parameters on main and auxiliary radiators, the optimization scheme will be determined.


Effect of optimized parameters on main radiator


Effect of optimized parameters on auxiliary radiator


Optimization scheme

Optimization evaluation

    Through optimization, the radiator cooling performance has been improved, the main radiator temperature dropped by 0.7 degrees and the auxiliary radiator temperature dropped by 16.0 degrees.


Main radiator optimization results


Auxiliary radiator optimization results


   We have carried out design and optimization of engine compartment layout based on CAE technology for more than 20 vehicle types, which include

1)Improvement of air flow in engine compartment of small cars for reduction of fuel consumption

2)Establishment of optimization platform for engine compartment thermal management

3)Design and optimization of intercooler air duct

4)Assessment of cooling performance and heat damage

5)Various parametric study-Cooling module, engine location and compartment parts layout

6)Optimization design for underhood layout

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Cabin Thermal Management