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Durability and Reliability Test Analysis

Based on the fatigue test benches and test capability of vehicle enterprises and suppliers, TS Engineering helps customers to formulate the optimized structure fatigue durability verification test plan consistent with the fatigue development targets of vehicles and parts to support them to conduct effective verification test for vehicles and key subsystems and spare parts. The formulated test plans include

w                      vehicle test field or public road verification test

w                      Vehicle bench testwheel coupling and shaft coupling

w                      Subsystem (e.g suspension) test bench

w                      Key component DV bench test

w                      ……etc



Vehicle fatigue analysis

Subsystem fatigue analysis

Component fatigue analysis


   The main reference information for vehicle design and part test includes

w                      vehicle fatigue development target, vehicle road load and road spectrum

w                      subsystem fatigue target and internal load obtained through target decomposition

w                      internal loads, stress strain and acceleration of key components obtained through decomposition calculation

w                      CAE simulation results of component fatigue

w                       …etc

   In the analysis, the equivalent fatigue test and acceleration test technology will be adopted according to the actual demand. In addition, the reliability test of product consistency and damage probability and failure should be taken into account.


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Durability and reliability test analysis