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Reliability Verification Test

In the product verification phase, the reliability verification test is needed to confirm whether the mass production meets the reliability requirements. In fact, a component fatigue test is to extract one or a few samples from the whole. Then how will the information be used to achieve the general conclusion? How can a single sample or just a few ensure the reliability of the components for the mass production or the batch?

For the mass production parts, their consistency and reliability need to be taken into account in the fatigue test. Therefore, a complete test plan should include not only the excitation signal to a single sample, but also the quantity of samples and the number of failures allowed in a test, that is, the quantity of samples and the test cycle with a certain confidence level and reliability requirements.

TS Engineering can help the customer to design a reasonable reliability test verification scheme according to the product reliability requirements, the test uncertainty factors, and the user risk requirements.

w                      “How many prototypes / part samples are needed to be tested

w                      “How long will the test cycle be for each prototype / part?”

w                      “Which test strategy should be adopted, more prototypes and shorter test cycles, or fewer prototypes and longer test cycles??”

w                      “How will an analysis be made of the test results

w                      “How will the issue be solved that different suppliers provide samples of the same quality

w                      ……etc


Reliability, confidence and samples



Reliability, confidence and samples




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Reliability Verification Test